Pearl of The Langstraat: Carly Design Heusden

| Céline Chardonnens

immersed in the world of leather

In the center of the historic fortified town of Heusden is the unique store Carly Design. Here you can find beautiful luxury items made from leather from Brabant workshops. The leather industry plays a big role in De Langstraat region, and after several enthusiastic stories about Carly Design I decided to go and have a look.

From the Vismarkt I walk into the Nieuwstraat. I quickly see where I need to be, a beautiful cozy building on the right with various leather goods in front of the door and in the window. Immediately upon entering I am immersed in the world of leather. In the cozy storefront it smells of leather and everywhere I look I see leather products; chairs, bags, belts, aprons, placemats, trays, leather pillars, coasters and even planters. But also hides and leather rags in a variety of colors. I am immediately short of eyes.
Amidst the beautiful materials and items, I meet Ron Laros, with whom I have an appointment.

While enjoying a nice cappuccino and sitting in a wonderfully comfortable chair, I listen to the stories Ron proudly tells about the store. Carly Design has almost 35 years of experience in leather processing and since 2020 Ron and his wife Carin have a store in Heusden vesting. Ron proudly tells us that they welcome people from all over the country there every day. This shows that they are valued specialists, knowledgeable and passionate about their craft. New products, but also chairs that Carly Design has had the pleasure of reupholstering. Ron notices that people are often attached to a chair. Sometimes from an emotional point of view, sometimes because of its comfort. He always enjoys making these customers happy with a successful re-upholstery. Carly Design has already re-upholstered several major brands. From Leeuwarden to Maastricht, the work of Carly Design can now be found all over the country.

Ron and Carin find customer contact and personalized work very important. Does the customer first want to check at home whether the chair fits or how a certain color matches the interior? Then Ron personally comes to the house. What a top service, I will definitely remember that!

We are saying goodbye when it suddenly occurs to me that I don't know where the name 'Carly Design' actually comes from.
"Our grandson had trouble with Grandma Carin's name, and that resulted in the name Carly!" laughs Ron.

Click here for more information about Carly Design or visit the website

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