Pearl of De Langstraat: GuestHouse Hotel Kaatsheuvel

| Vittoria Roitero

On a sunny Wednesday morning I am on my way to my appointment at GuestHouse Hotel Kaatsheuvel. As I drive past the Efteling I am amazed at the amount of cars that enter the grounds there. However, I see mostly German and Belgian license plates, which quickly reminds me that it is vacation time in our neighboring countries.

A minute later I have arrived at GuestHouse Hotel Kaatsheuvel. I walk into the beautiful entrance and am immediately pleasantly surprised by the cozy atmosphere. A couple of children are sitting cozily in one of the swing seats. It is clear what they are staying here for as they discuss which attraction they will start today. Their dad comes down the stairs and the children grab their backpacks. Off to the Efteling.

I walk up the grand staircase toward the reception desk, which is on the second floor. From the stairs, I look into the restaurant on the first floor. Natural materials have been used and different types of seating have been created so it doesn't look "stiff" but rather very modern, homey and cozy.

Once at the top of the stairs I notice that this atmosphere is carried through there as well. What a nice place this is, you would almost forget that you are in a hotel.

In a spacious lounge I wait for Christianne, with whom I have an appointment. Meanwhile, I watch a few children having fun with the Air field hockey. Next door, a grandfather is playing pool with his grandson, and a few toddlers are sitting contentedly in a play corner.

Christianne has found me by now. She immediately starts enthusiastically telling me about the pleasant bustle in the hotel at the moment. The hotel is fully booked for the next few weeks. "We have guests all year round, but now you do notice that the vacation season has started," she says.

With Efteling just around the corner, I don't need to ask Christianne what their main target market is. "True, we mainly target visitors to the Efteling, but also offer packages in combination with De Beekse Bergen and we regularly have guests for the hiking and biking packages." Few if any business hotel guests I understand. "They also know how to find us, but thanks to the informal atmosphere throughout the hotel, and the many family rooms, that is certainly not our biggest target group. We also only have 10 double rooms, the other 59 rooms are set up for four people or more."

Yes, those family rooms, I'd like to hear more about that. I had heard that there are even eight-person rooms and ask Christianne if I might be allowed to see a few rooms. "Of course you can," she says, reaching for the app on her phone to check which guests have already checked out.

We walk through the hallways and I notice that the print on the carpeting is always different. From daisies in the grass to asphalt with crosswalks. "We did this so the little ones can easily find their hotel room again. If they know which themed corridor they sleep in, all they have to do is remember the room number" Christianne says. So not only does it look cozy, it's also incredibly useful and clever!

Then Christianne opens up a hotel room. I immediately notice how wonderfully light the room is. In the middle of the room is a gigantic bunk bed with a double bed both above and below, and with drawers from which two more beds can be made. What an invention, such a bed! With a spacious bathroom, TV, sofa and hairdryer, among other things, this is a wonderful six-person room with all the trimmings.

Then we go to the next room. I almost fall over backwards when I see the beds. Again, height has been thought of with the design. Downstairs I see two double beds, and above them is a sort of "floor" with another two double beds. So here 8 people can sleep perfectly. Genius!

We immediately take a walk around the roof terrace, which is wonderfully spacious with various seating areas, a ping-pong table and even a mini-golf course. "In summer, guests can enjoy a drink here until later in the evening and have a bite to eat when returning from a long day in the summer Efteling." lets Christianne know.

It strikes me that everything (but really everything) here revolves around care, enjoyment and experience. The GuestHouse Hotel Kaatsheuvel can rightfully call itself the 'Pearl of the Langstraat'!

My visit is over. I say goodbye to Christianne. On the way back, I decide that we really should visit Efteling again soon, and that we should make a weekend out of it.


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