Pearl of De Langstraat: Ice cream & cake moment, Vlijmen

| Vittoria Roitero

Friday morning, I almost have the weekend. Lovely, that feeling. But there is another appointment in my calendar that I am also really looking forward to. I get to visit IJs en Taartmoment, a beautiful store in the center of Vlijmen.

I have an appointment with Wendy, who runs the store together with her husband Bas. "Oh, I'm so glad you're here" she lets me know. In the meantime, I feast my eyes. Immediately upon entering I already saw several kinds of fresh scoop ice cream, and on the other side of the counter the most beautiful pastries are screaming at me to be taken away. "Delicious huh? These are made by Bas and Bente" Wendy tells me, "Bas is a pastry chef, he also makes cakes on request, all unique so you can be sure you have something special. This is because every person is unique and special." I must remember that, for when I have something to celebrate again.

Wendy offers me something to drink, and with a fresh-smelling cup of coffee, we take our seats among the gems. Yes, gems indeed. Because that's one of the reasons I'm here. "We sell so much more than just artisan ice cream and cake. It's time for everyone to know that" Wendy says.

In 2015, Wendy and Bas opened the store with - as the name suggests - mainly ice cream and cake. They also sold chocolates, chocolate, teacups, cake plates and other unique gifts but Wendy says that didn't feel quite complete: "We asked ourselves why you actually eat an ice cream or a delicious cake. It's often to really spoil yourself or others for a moment, or to celebrate a moment. For example, cake on a birthday or ice cream on the first day of vacation." That gave them the idea to sell products in the store that capture or prolong these moments.

"So we have lots of kinds of gems as you can see." I look around and indeed see many different colorful stones in various sizes. Some more beautiful than others. "As the interest in crystals and their energy grows, we like nothing better than to inspire others with this and make them aware of the healing power of specific stones and crystals: on a physical, spiritual and emotional level." explains Wendy.

"Finding the right crystal with the right person, to be able to experience the interaction between stone and person, is a joy every time. In our store, the inner person is central, therefore this is a very fitting combination. Our crystals and gemstones come from Lichtpuntje Kristallen in Heerle."

When I finish my coffee, Wendy tells me about her new tea blends. "We have special tea blends to enhance diverse moments." She proudly shows me some beautiful packaging and cards. "These arrived today, just in time for you to see them." She then lets me smell several blends. How wonderful they smell! Spicy, floral, warm, fresh. There is something for everyone. "Which one would you like to taste?" I choose the tea called "Magical Temptation. According to the card, this tea would help me dream, dance through life and enjoy carefree and exuberant. Bring it on, I could use that!

Wendy scoops some of the loose tea into a strainer and I notice that all the beautiful colors and recognizable herbs and flowers are already cheering me up. "We created these blends ourselves during meditation sessions with José. Just like gemstones, herbs all have their own effects. During the meditation sessions we focused on various tea moments in order to come up with the perfect blend."

Whether you believe in the workings and power of the herbs or not, the tea tastes truly delicious. Meanwhile enjoying it, I observe the pleasant bustle in the store. There is a cheerful atmosphere and from the interaction with the customers I gather that Wendy and Bas know them all. Every single customer leaves the store, not only with a nice ice cream, pastry or gem, but also with a broad smile. And that one is absolutely free!

When my tea is finished I browse around a bit more. I see bags of old Dutch candy, liquors, delicious pure honey (without additives), Kaatje advocaat from Vlijmen and of course the bags of tea I just met. I immediately decide to take a package home to enjoy this special appointment at home.

I say goodbye to Wendy and promise to come back soon. Then I take my daughter with me, because she is crazy
of gemstones. And ice cream!



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