Pearl of the Langstraat: WALEUK Waalwijk

| Claire Jehoel

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WALEUK Recreation and Camping Farm in Waalwijk offers tremendous possibilities. It was about time I asked Esther and Pieter if they could make more hay! And yes, they can. They are bursting with energy! Read along?

Still in the middle of moving boxes, we were already getting started
In July 2018, Pieter Verschure (53) and Esther van Gardingen (51) settled down with their two children in the beautiful outskirts of Waalwijk. Beforehand, they turned their ideas into plans that, once in Waalwijk, could be realized step by step. Pieter comes from a farming background and Esther comes from the city and used to want to be a teacher. Yet Esther knew from a young age that she was made for farm life. From home she is used to taking care of and taking these worries off her hands. Her grandfather owned a campground and her parents ran a camp store. Esther says; "Still among the moving boxes, we immediately started WALEUK and laid out the terrace. Here visitors had a view of the large sandbox we had made. Also, the corn maze was already ready, which in consultation with the previous owner had been laid out earlier, so that young and old could already start tracking here."

Oasis of calm
Esther and Pieter do not often sit still. If they are not doing odd jobs or creating things themselves, with the help of friends and where necessary professionals, they are making plans. Nothing just happens there is always a well thought out plan behind it. Although Pieter is busy with the land and the water buffalo in the back and Esther focuses more on the creative stuff, PR and reservations, they really do work together. Esther and Pieter are always busy. Yet their guests experience the activities and camping farm as an oasis of tranquility. Esther explains; "There are so many fun activities and possibilities here that go well together. On the terrace the guests can keep an eye on their children, but at the same time everyone can enjoy the various animals (such as sheep, chickens, goat and donkey) in the meadow, while enjoying a snack and a drink. Later also when the flower picking garden is in bloom you will feast your eyes. You can hear the children having fun in the background but otherwise it is wonderfully quiet here".

Esther only realizes when she talks to others how proud she is (and certainly should be!). "When you realize what we've put up in three years and that you've accomplished this almost all by yourself, you feel the pride. We are those 'social animals,' this just suits us. You get energy from the people and children who are enjoying themselves so much. It's not work, it's a real hobby". In the coming time, they are going to refine and optimize what they already have. And new ideas are bound to keep bubbling to the surface, so we'll keep you posted.

Experience and Enjoy
"Experience and Enjoy OUT of WALEUK in Waalwijk," is how Esther describes it perfectly. This recreation and camping farm offers enormous possibilities. Are you also curious about the miniature golf in the orchard, the play equipment in the natural playground, the newly created tractor track made from the silo, the flower picking garden, the corn maze (and the spectacular chopping days at the end of the season) the farm store with (homegrown) regional products or Pieter's freshly baked pancakes? Then go discover the hospitable WALEUK for yourself, and see "Waleuk" that it actually is!

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