Special year for Loon op Zand as Walking Community 2021

| Samantha Pellis

with pride we look back

What a special year 2021 was for the municipality of Loon op Zand! Thanks to the votes of everyone who cares about our municipality, Loon op Zand was voted Walking Municipality of the Year 2021. We look back with great pride on a year full of special trails, exciting adventures and beautiful scenery.

Where can you take a more beautiful walk than in National Park De Loonse en Drunense Duinen? In the Heart of Brabant you will find vast sandy plains, forests, ponds and moors. The wind has free play in the Brabant Sahara, ensuring that the landscape keeps changing. Through De Loonse en Drunense Duinen runs a walking route of over 16 kilometers long that shows you all the beauty of this special nature reserve. Marvel at the fallen trees and enjoy the beautiful views from the dune tops.

There is so much special to experience in Loon op Zand. There is a finely-meshed network of hiking nodes, no less than one hundred and twenty kilometers long; good for many kilometers of hiking pleasure. The vast majority of the junction network runs on unpaved paths. Along the routes you will find the necessary stops to rest, such as a picnic spot or catering establishment. So put on your waterproof boots, and go for a walk along the muddy forest paths of De Brand. Or scavenge for boulders with the kids in the Loonse Land. Take a walk through Landgoed Plantloon, where the trails are long and extensive and the avenues are flanked by stately deciduous trees lined at neat intervals.

Are you ready for an adventure? Or would you like to know more about the route you're taking? The izi.TRAVEL app shows you the way to special places and tells the story of the area you're in.

Immerse yourself in beautiful nature
Natuurmonumenten is the proud manager of the various nature reserves in Loon op Zand. Curious about all the work behind that beautiful picture? Enthusiastic IVN-duinguides invite you to come and discover this area with them. And go together in search of the shepherd who roams the area with his flock of sheep!

The future
Together with Natuurmonumenten, the Municipality of Loon op Zand ensures that everyone can continue to enjoy the special nature that the municipality of Loon op Zand has to offer. And we are developing new routes. Soon you will walk through 3000 years of history of Loon op Zand. Or take a walk in Landscape Park Pauwels where nature, agriculture, recreation, water and cultural history come together.

In 2022, another municipality will be declared the most beautiful walking municipality in the Netherlands. Meerssen, Rhenen and Lockem will compete in this exciting competition. We wish the three finalists the best of luck!

Walk through De Langstraat
There is so much beauty to discover in the region of De Langstraat as well! Have you ever walked along a former railroad line? On the embankment between Raamsdonk and 's Hertogenbosch is the kilometer-long Halve Zolenpad. Between Vlijmen and 's-Hertogenbosch, the old route goes through nature reserve De Moerputten. Via a railroad bridge hundreds of meters long and a wooden deck path you are led through the low moor swamp. A spectacular way to experience the area.

An overview of all route options in and around Loon op Zand? Then look here!

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