Historic warehouse


Winterdijk 41
5141KE Waalwijk
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This location is part of the Wet Blue route.

On the adjacent lot (Winterdijk 41), Breda resident Jacq van Riel started a tannery in 1863. Over time, he expanded the tannery considerably, added a leather loom factory (for greasing heavy leather) to his business and also started trading in hides, bark and leather. Business is so good that he needs more storage space and builds this warehouse in 1896.

A few years after Van Riel's death in 1917, his son moved the family business' trading arm to Antwerp. The warehouse then first came into the hands of Vermeer & Beerens, also a leather firm, and later served as business space for a cab company, among others. In 2017, the building was converted into a residence.

De looierij next door was converted into a farmhouse in 1934 and has been in full use as a residence since 1970.

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