11 times what to do in Waalwijk

| Krisja van de Haar

in the heart of Waalwijk is much to do

Waalwijk, a cozy town in the heart of Brabant known for shoes and leather. But that is not the only thing, because in the heart of Waalwijk there is a lot to do. From well-known places like the Sint Jan de Doper to lesser-known spots like Children's Farm 't Erf. Therefore a list full of tips so every Brabander or visitor knows exactly what to do in Waalwijk. Have fun!

1. Schoenenkwartier
Old tanneries, shoe factories, modern studios and art. The shoe quarter brings together the rich past and future of leather and shoes. This special place aims to teach you where shoes come from and how shoes can be made in a sustainable way. The Schoenenkwartier in Waalwijk consists of Maaklabs, the Knowledge Center and the Museum. In the Maaklabs, you will be introduced to the creative process from start to finish. Here you will meet the craftsmen of the past and the young designers of today. Are you curious where they got this knowledge? Then visit the Knowledge Center. In the Museum, admire exceptional collections of shoes, materials and devices.

2.Sint Jan de Doper
When you say Waalwijk, you say Sint Jan de Doper. With its nineteen copper domes and minaret-like tower, it attracts your attention from near and far. Sint Jan de Doper, also known as St. John's Church, is the largest neo-byzantine church in the Netherlands since 1925. Inside the Roman Catholic church, special stories and highlights await you. Crafted arches and domes, magnificent stained glass windows and copper canopy. For a moment, you will feel as if you are going back in time. Wander around with an audio tour or be taken by one of the guides. Activities are also regularly organized in the Sint-Jan in Waalwijk. Nice to check this out if you are wondering what there is to do in Waalwijk.

3. Shopping, eating and drinking in downtown Waalwijk
A lively city full of history, stores and restaurants. That is what well describes the center of Waalwijk and therefore it should definitely not be missing in this list of what to do in Waalwijk. The cozy town in the heart of Brabant is known for its friendly atmosphere, togetherness and fun. From small boutiques to stylish interior design stores and from cozy squares to trendy bistros where you can have a delicious lunch in Waalwijk. On Wednesday afternoon you can score the tastiest local products at the weekly market. The stalls can be found on the Raadhuisplein, Grotestraat and Stationsstraat. After shopping, sit down together on the terrace and enjoy a well-deserved lunch.

4. 't Bourgondisch Hof
Get the most strikes during a game of bowling and sing your heart out at the karaoke. Did you know you can also play glow golf here? You can read more about this in tip 9. In short, 't Bourgondisch Hof is the perfect place to make memories with the family. 't Bourgondisch Hof is also a good place for children's parties. Choose from one of the packages and have the best adventures with your friends.

5. Guided tour
Admire the details of the buildings during the Architecture Tour or pass by places worth visiting during the City Walk. The experienced city guide will tell you about the past and present of Waalwijk in all colours and scents, leading you along alleys, parks and Brabant's heritage. Along the way you will be pointed out interesting facts and details. A guided tour is the best way to discover the city.

6. City Brewery Sint Crispijn
At the old filled-in harbor in Winterdijk, in a former grain warehouse, stands Stadsbrouwerij Sint Crispijn. A brewery where since 2013 (h)honest, traditional and tasteful beers are made. Have a guided tour through the brewery and taste the special beers on tap in the cozy brew pub. All beers are made from 100% natural ingredients. From the leftover beer brush the local baker makes his bread. So super sustainable, but also very tasty!

7. Theater De Leest
In the cultural heart of the region stands Theater De Leest, the theater and film house of Waalwijk. From cabaret to theater and from classical music to opera. Let yourself be surprised by the best performances in one of the two theaters, or relax in your seat and enjoy the popcorn during the movie. On Tuesdays you can go for good arthouse films and on Wednesday and Sunday afternoons for family films.

8. Proverbs Route
Get moving together and increase your language knowledge during the 3.5 kilometer Proverbs Route. The newest outdoor activity in Waalwijk and a real educational outing for the whole family! Let the colorful booklet guide you along the proverbs and visit the most beautiful places in Waalwijk. Inside are all kinds of interesting facts and fun assignments. This way you get to know the center in a completely different way during one of the most fun outdoor activities of Waalwijk.

9. Glowgolf
Do you know how to beat your opponents in as few strokes as possible during a game of glow-in-the-dark mini golf? Or do you just come to have fun? At GlowGolf Waalwijk you will travel back into the past of different musical genres. The music theme is carried through everywhere from the course to the walls. Put on your 3D glasses if you're up for some challenge. This gives the environment more depth, making it harder to hit the perfect hol-in-one. The more proud you can be when you do succeed!

10. Children's farm 't Erf
A great tip on the list of what to do in Waalwijk is a visit to Children's Farm 't Erf. Cuddle, swing, climb and clamber. Children's Farm 't Erf in is the designated place for family fun in Waalwijk. Since 1978, the farm has stood in Zanddonk in the green neighborhood. Come cuddle with the sheep and feed the grunting pigs in the meadow. The animals are always very happy with your visit. Have you seen and stroked all the animals? The children play in the playground while you enjoy a cup of coffee on the terrace.

11. TIP Waalwijk
Are you curious what else there is to do in Waalwijk? Get information about the best events, most beautiful routes and hidden gems at the Tourist Information Point Waalwijk (TIP). You will find the point in the Schoenenkwartier, an ideal starting point for a day out. Score your walking and route maps here to really discover Waalwijk or discover fun events in the region.

See you soon in Waalwijk!

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