Municipality of Heusden

between dikes and dunes

The municipality of Heusden consists of as many as 11 cores, the largest of which are Drunen, fortified town of Heusden and Vlijmen. On the north side the area is cut off by the Bergsche Maas, with the picturesque fortified town of Heusden as its anchor. So dikes and clay soil, while about 10 kilometers south is one of the most extensive areas of drifting sand in Western Europe: De Loonse en Drunense Duinen. The picturesque hamlet of Giersbergen is one of the gateways to this unique National Park. The history of the region is inextricably linked to the Meuse. The many lakes (wheels) along the dikes and the Baardwijkse Overlaat (Baardwijk spillway) are reminders of the age-old struggle against the water. The Bergsche Maas and the Drongelens Kanaal were dug to limit flooding. Today they also provide plenty of entertainment for anglers and pleasure boaters. Heusden Vesting has two large marinas and a small attractive inner harbor. For tourist information, visit TIP Heusden.

so rich is Heusden

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on and near the water

What could be nicer than a boat ride on a hot summer day, a splash in the water or getting a breath of fresh air on a bicycle or walking tour along the Bergsche Maas. Heusden is a water-rich municipality and offers numerous opportunities.

Taking to the water

Experience Heusden at the Zuiderwaterlinie - the oldest and longest water line

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