Pearl of De Langstraat: café brasserie De Kiosk

| Céline Chardonnens

the living room of Loon op Zand

On the recommendation of a friend, I went for a drink at The Kiosk. What once began as a music kiosk built in 1951 grew into this cozy café brasserie after a major renovation. Also called the "living room" of Loon op Zand. And for good reason. Immediately upon entering, I taste the friendly, casual atmosphere and see some of the old elements of the historic bandstand.

What strikes me is that there is a large terrace outside, equipped with umbrellas and an awning on the side with heat lamps. Lovely places to catch up, enjoy a cup of coffee or have a nice lunch. The terrace is located on the lively village square, where, when the weather is nice, you can marvel at the many passing tourists who stay in the region. Café Brasserie De Kiosk is on the cycling route towards De Loonse en Drunense Duinen, so there is plenty of activity.

Inside it is cozy, with playful staircases leading upstairs. Where, even in winter, you can have a good time behind the high windows or at the reading table with a hot chocolate.

Soon a cheerful employee comes up to me to ask if I want a drink. We get talking and I immediately ask what there is to do. Recently there was a fun event - a summer festival with Crazy Pianos - and it turns out there are many more events coming up. For example, every Tuesday night is "Tuesday Steaknight," and a Bock beer tasting is planned for October. On Nov. 11, Carnival kicks off with an 11/11 ball. During the winter season, there will be an ice rink in front of the door for the first time and there will be plenty of fun during 'The Kiosk on Ice'. What fun, I put it in my calendar right away so my kids can have a fun afternoon of ice fun this winter. Who knows, I might even put on my own skates for a while, but I'll enjoy myself with a delicious pea soup or Glühwein anyway.

After I finish my cappuccino, I inquire about the options for renting the hall. It turns out that the 'Ons Boven' room can accommodate over 120 people and 250 people downstairs. Various arrangements are possible. Perfect for the business meeting I am organizing, but I also keep it in mind for when I want to organize a big party.

See you soon Kiosk!

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