Pearl of De Langstraat: De Financiën

| Lobke Timmermans

Summer vacation had only just started when I got to visit De Financiën. The playground was filled with eager children and the patio was packed with moms and dads, grandparents and other adults. It was clear that it was enjoyment for both parties. I had a conversation with Maarten and it quickly became apparent that he has a clear passion for entrepreneurship. Curious? Read more soon!

In the Beginning
De Financiën has long been a household name in Loon op Zand and the surrounding area. Martin tells me that the location used to be on a toll road between Loon op Zand Castle and Belgium. Travelers liked to take a break from their journey as they paid the toll. At these toll spots, catering establishments soon sprang up. This is also how De Finantie came into being around 1900.

In 1976, Maarten's parents bought the pub. The name was changed from De Finantie to De Financiën. Then the highway from Tilburg to Loon op Zand was built, which meant less traffic passing the pub. The previous owner didn't like that, but Maarten's father did. When the van Son family bought the property, there was nothing more than the small pub, a soccer field and a French fry shop. From then on, there was more and more expansion. The pub's regular customers increasingly asked if they could also celebrate their parties and anniversaries at De Financiën. And so a party room was built that kept getting bigger and bigger.

A family business
Family van Son lived above the property, so it is not surprising when Maarten tells me that he has always helped out in the business. From 2003 he became co-owner and in 2006 his father stepped down from this position and Maarten became the sole owner. That doesn't mean, by the way, that his father no longer helps out. If you pay close attention, you can still see Maarten's father walking around outside to help where he can.

The parties got bigger and bigger, and later there were even afternoon parties. These parties were a great success. Then they started offering different activities such as archery, miniature golf and the playground. The number of requests increased, but the group size of the parties decreased. So in 2008 they wanted to see what else was possible.

Maarten noticed many families and children sitting on the terrace by the playground and by the miniature golf course in the summer. They only missed it in the winter. So Maarten started looking for a suitable concept so that these families could visit De Financiën all year round. Maarten already knew that they were going to do something with food. So eventually they ended up with a pancake restaurant. This is where they started in 2008 and this has slowly taken over the whole business.

Pancakes & more
But De Financiën, of course, is much more than just a pancake restaurant. In 2019, the whole new concept of De Financiën is set up. With an indoor and outdoor playgrounds, the mini-golf course, different types of children's parties, the pancake restaurant and, last but not least, Fientje the butterfly with Fientjes florins.

And still De Financiën continues to evolve. For example, there is much more to do than just miniature golf and eating pancakes. Many different activities can be organized for groups. Think, for example, of bubble soccer or archery. There is also consideration for big and small children. For example, there is a separate indoor playground for the little ones. Everything at De Financiën focuses on the experience for children and parents alike. The modern interior, with soundproofing, ensures that even with enthusiastic children you can really enjoy a nice meal or drink. It has become a place where young and old can enjoy. From a delicious pancake, a cozy drink with friends or a lovely afternoon with the kids.

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