Top 10 bad weather activities

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You know that? You have a lovely day outdoors planned and then suddenly you see that the weather forecast has changed: lots of rule is predicted. There go your lovely plans! Not to worry, in Region De Langstraat there is always plenty to do in both good and bad weather

Activities in De Langstraat

In Waalwijk, Kaatsheuvel, Loon op Zand and Heusden you can find numerous fun indoor activities. So whether it's raining hard or soft, it's no reason to stay home. Go out and visit a museum or art gallery. Spend your afternoon in a cozy cafe. Or go trampolining or bowling. It's all possible!

Waalwijk is at home in all markets

Here you can discover the rich culture and history of leather and shoes, enjoy various activities for young and old, and eat out in the local restaurants. Waalwijk offers an unforgettable experience for everyone! What to do in Waalwijk:

Municipality of Heusden is wonderfully diverse

From the splendor of medieval fortified town Heusden to interactive games in Vlijmen to the best restaurants. Find out what there is to do in Heusden:

Loon op Zand does not always immediately ring a bell with everyone....

But Kaatsheuvel often does, because of course that's where you'll find Holland's most famous amusement park. Apart from that, you'll find plenty of other fun things to do in the municipality. What to do in Loon op Zand:


If it's raining, chances are you'll grab the car anyway. We've gathered all the info on accessibility and parking in the region for you. Check it out here.

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