Landscape Park Pauwels

Where nature, agriculture, recreation, cultural history and energy come together

Landscape Park Pauwels is a vast area south of De Loonse en Drunense Duinen and Kaatsheuvel / the Efteling and north of Tilburg. A unique environment where nature, agriculture, recreation, water, cultural history and energy come together. Ten partners are working together to further develop this area. By utilizing existing (hidden) qualities, connecting them and linking them to new initiatives, interested parties can enjoy even more natural recreational opportunities in the future. Ambitions are also high in the areas of water, nature and sustainable agriculture.

Landscape Park Pauwels is part of the Van Gogh National Park. Here various Brabant parties (governments, companies, organizations and individuals) are working together to create a future-proof landscape that offers solutions to contemporary social issues.

Pearls of Pauwels

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