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It is no coincidence that De Langstraat is the cradle of shoemakers and tanners. Nature had a hand in this. Cows supplied the leather. The Donge and Loint rivers provided clean running water and the oak trees on the barren land provided oak bark. That's all it took to tan leather. Farmers in the area looked for income during the winter months to support their families. They were cheap laborers who made shoes and other products from that leather. With that, De Langstraat grew into the center of the shoe and leather industry in the early 19th century. In many places in De Langstraat you come across gems from the past, such as villas of shoe manufacturers and tannery complexes, for example Van Haren in Waalwijk. Want to know more about leather? Then visit the Schoenenkwartier in Waalwijk, walk the route Wet Blue in Waalwijk or bike the "Bicycle and Leather Routes" and the Halvezolenpad. And also take a look at the many beautiful leather products made in small studios in De Langstraat.

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